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Private sessions

Cours privé

Receive special care and attention

Individual sessions

Whether you want to move with more confidence and comfort or have the desire to increase your performance in your favorite activities, an individual session can help to speed up your learning process and deepen your knowledge and understanding of your body. This individualized session will give you the tools to be propelled forward on your movement and wellness journey.

Small group sessions

For a special occasion or a regular practice, spend a unique moment and reinforce bonds with your friends and loved ones in this intimate movement class, tailored for the group. While you will still get the boost and energy of a group class, it will be in a more familiar and relaxing setting, with more opportunities to get personalized feedback. Designed for two to five participants.


How does it work?

First, you can either send me an email or book a free 15-min video chat for us to get acquainted and to discuss your questions, goals, needs, current struggles, and past experiences. It will help me to tailor our first class together better. After this first meeting or contact by email, I'll send you a link to schedule a private lesson, either in-person or online.

What's included?

  • → A curated 60-minute class that will give you new tools and will expand your knowledge to get closer to your goals.
  • → Mat & props if you don't have them (for individual in-person format).

What can I help you with?

Brain-body care

Ideal for athletes, people recovering from injuries, and/or looking for sound foundations.

  • → Restore and/or improve your articular strength & mobility
  • → Increase your performances in your favorite activity (sport, hobby, etc.)
  • → Improve your cognitive skills to develop more coordination, agility, attention, and creativity
  • → Become more resilient, more confident, less prone to injuries, and decrease pain
  • → Identify overcompensations in your body to get a better understanding of what areas to focus on
  • → Move with grace, fluidity, and ease
Science-informed yoga

Ideal for yoga practitioners interested in applying movement science to their practice.

  • → Learn to adapt your yoga practice to your body
  • → Get a better understanding of how to deconstruct an asana to learn its components
  • → Work towards a specific pose or flow (e.g. wheel pose, sun salutations, etc.)
  • → Develop a better control over your passive range of motion to increase your strength and resilience
  • → Learn to mobilize your joints as a way to minimize the risks of repetitive strain injuries
  • → Increase your knowledge in anatomy and physiology