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An individualized program for lasting results

If you wish to make a real difference to improve your physical health, guidance and consistency are key. This coaching program provides you with very close support and attention to help you improve your strength, mobility, resiliency, and movement efficiency. With regular sessions and homework as a part of this highly individualized program, you’ll be able to develop a consistent movement practice, track your progress, and improve your physical fitness.

For whom?

The coaching program is designed for:

  • → People who recovered from an injury and went through a rehab program with their physiotherapist, but are looking to start/resume their movement practice with sustainable and sound foundations to build strength and resiliency.
  • → People who are experiencing pains and discomforts on a regular basis and wish to be guided in a movement practice that helps them to cultivate safety, to move with ease, comfort, and confidence.
  • → People who aren't familiar with movement and understand the importance of moving in a variety of ways, but aren't sure where to begin.
  • → People who already have a physical practice but wish to explore new horizons and broaden their scope of possibilities.


What's included?

  • → Four weekly 60-minute sessions per month.
  • → Homeworks that are designed in the form of a weekly program with movements and drills to practice on your own between our weekly meetings.
  • → Private access to a chat where you can ask for my feedback and guidance between sessions.
  • → Mat & props if you don't have them (for in-person format).


In-person :

  • Four sessions + homework : 230€

Online :

  • Four sessions + homework : 190€


How does it work?

  • 1. Get in touch

    First, you can either send me an email or book a free 15-min video chat for us to get acquainted and to discuss your questions, goals, needs, current struggles, and past experiences.

  • 2. Schedule your assessment lesson

    After this meeting or contact by email, I'll send you a link to schedule your assessment lesson, either in an in-person or online format. This assessment lesson will be designed according to what you told me during our meeting. Based on what I observe during this assessment lesson, I'll send you my review and your first homework that you can work on until our next session together.

  • 3. Homeworks

    Homeworks are a very important part of the learning process since they will help you to be consistent and to progress faster. They comprise short exercises in a video format (less than 10 minutes) that are specifically recorded for you, so that you can practice them in between our sessions. I'll give you guidance about the frequencies and repetitions of the movements you'll review. You are invited and encouraged to film yourself doing your homework and share it with me, so I can give you extra support and assistance before our weekly session.